Frequently Asked Questions

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All of our models run a bit narrow. We suggest to getting your PROXON in a 1/2 size larger than what you typically wear. You can view our detailed size chart here. 

Our product is narrow so if you normally wear a wide fit go ½ size larger than what you typically wear.  

All of our safety shoes go up to a size 13, while the women Elise model goes only to size 12!  

We are currently developing a new wide last for all of our models. We apologize for not being able to assist you at this time, please send us a message requesting wides, so we can notify you by mail when the product is ready. You can always try on a larger size to see if it fits since we have free returns & exchanges! 


All of our shoes are ASTM F2413-18 Certified. ASTM International (formerly American Society for Testing and Materials) establishes and independently tests the safety standards of PPE that OSHA relies on to set an objective level of PPE quality and safety. All of our safety footwear complies with OSHA standards by passing the requisite ASTM safety tests. All Proxon models have an almond shaped steel-toe cap that passed I75 / C75 impact & compression standards.

Yes. ASTM F2412 refers to "standard test methods for foot protection" and it outlines how a professional laboratory needs to test their shoes. All of our shoes are certified at an accredited laboratory using F2412 methods. Safety shoes that pass these tests get a F2413 certification - which our shoes comply with!  

Yes. ANSI Z41 is a retired safety standard that is very rarely referenced anymore but in case your employer still refers to it in their PPE policies, you should be all set. ANSI Z41 was superseded by ASTM F2413  

Yes. All our models have a woven fabric puncture resistant insert at the interior of the outsole.  

Yes! We handcraft our beautiful safety shoes using ight, flexible, breathable, LWG certified, full-grain and suede leather of the highest quality.  

Our strong safety shoes are designed in Texas and proudly partner with one of the oldest and most respected safety shoe factories in the world, based in Leon Mexico.

Leon is a city steeped in shoemaking history.  

It is our goal to make and sell the highest quality safety shoes and workwear accessories on the market. We use traditional, handcrafted shoe making techniques and the highest quality leathers and materials.

Our shoes stand toe to toe with the most expensive and luxury shoe brands out there, but they’re generally much more affordable if you take into account the certificates and safety accessories such as the steel toe and the puncture resistant insert.  

 We are always open to hearing product suggestions!

Remember the challenge of making a unique footwear capable of complying with
all the safety requirements. Feel free to email us at any


Pre-orders usually take 35 days to ship as we need to fabricate the shoes from scratch when we don't have them ready in stock. Either way there’s a chance that it takes less than expected if there is a batch on the way or that has just been fabricated and it is not yet listed on our website inventory.

Everything out of stock will appear as a pre-order.