" The Proxon shoes are by far the best looking safety shoes on the market. I really enjoy having one pair of shoes for the workday without sacrificing professional appearance or comfort!"

Robert Doe

" I wear these boots nearly all year long to the office and on weekends because they are stylish enough that they fit with business casual, but they transition nicely into the weekend. They require maintenance sometimes but this is to be expected with with a high quality leather shoe. I had rubber grips put on the soles to protect them from our weather and I'm sure I have over 500 miles on these and they are going strong. I expect to have these boots for a long time. I highly recommend them."

Edward Johnson

" I have been wearing steel toe shoes for well over 15 years and I will say these are by far the most stylish pair I have ever owned. The are like wearing a casual or formal shoe, they dress up any outfit."

Mark Miller

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Proxon sales across industries

Proxon has proven its valuea across multiple industries, being Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Enginnering Deisgn the top industries.