Make the first impression something of a daily reminder. 
In an everyday changing world, taste and style seem to have made way for functionality. 
From now on, our mantra will be:
“Style up, look sophisticated and powerful”
The best option to look sharp will always be “Dress up”. At Proxon we make sure to put 3 statements together: style, safety, and versatility, therefore we are here to encourage you to upgrade your shoe wardrobe while being fashionable, express evolution, and prove confidence. 
Having your own style is an important instrument you can use to project yourself hastily. If you want to look sharp, successful, and professional, wear something to make an impact, it will be easier for you to come across any adversity.
“Style up, look sophisticated and powerful”
Be confident, choose to stand out. Having a casual, day-to-day presentation to step into any situation and look respectable is a huge advantage in the working world. The goal is to look professional and feel professional. At Proxon we are convinced that your choice of wearing something will be remarkable, that's why versatility is one of our values. Shoes are a fitting symbol for the capability to stand up, walk forward and rise as an independent persona.
The way you dress will go a long way in influencing how people perceive your personality, you need to walk the extra mile and dare to be unique and good-looking, there are enough reasons to choose to look sharp. The importance of looking sharp lies in the art of paying attention to detail, even the things that others may take for granted, like treasured footwear.
People tend to perform better in life when they feel that they deserve to perform better. The automatic assumption that a well-dressed man should be treated with respect works when you see the reflection in the mirror. Probably you’ve heard the saying, “The clothes make the man.” Dressing sharp shows motivation and maturity to everyone who looks at you. 
Building on clean and fitted clothes is to be aware of personal style. There will be various options to embrace the next level of dressing, but here we have managed to share our most valuable items: 
Turn up the basics
Turn up the basics
Understanding that making minor adjustments to classic looks can lead you down a fascinating style path, for us the Grand will make you look sophisticated and stunning while maintaining your bold and young personality.
Fulfill High Expectations
Fulfill High Expectations
If you’re interested in turning heads and trying something new, go for it. However, one of the greatest things about an icon like the Dante is that it works in all the slightly more expected ways as well, which brings it all back to where we started…stay classy.
It is truly fascinating that even the smallest details can be taken into consideration. Better to always remain considerate of your Proxons in both style and maintenance, so you can always be sure about the importance of looking sharp.

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