Your safety workwear shoes are an essential part for a great performance at work. You must take care of them as much as they take care of you!

Taking care of your Proxon boots regularly surely is an investment worth the time. Taking note and integrating the following recommendations into your shoe caring routine will help ensure the longevity and durability of your security footwear.

All Proxon shoes and boots are made out of the highest quality Full-Grain Leather, which calls for special care:

Clean your footwear daily to remove dust or any other residues that can stick to your shoes with a moisturized cloth or sponge.

Condition your Proxons every few months. Be sure to use a water-based conditioner, instead of an oil-based conditioner to protect the color of the leather. You may also polish your shoes with a neutral wax-based polish. Both conditioning and polishing can extend the longevity of your safety footwear.

A gentle cloth with soap and water could also help in case your shoes need more intense cleaning. You may want to use an old toothbrush to help you to remove dirt that is deeply entrenched in the welt.

To take on and off your shoes, loosen up the laces all the way down and use your hands or a shoehorn only. Never attempt to take them off by pressing one boot toe into the other boot heel; this practice is damaging for the heel and the sole of your Proxons. *This issue will not be considered as a manufacturing default and won’t apply any return or exchange.

Even though your Proxons are water and oilproof, be sure to fill your shoes with newspaper to absorb any moisture that may come along after an intense, outdoor workday environment and prevent any permanent damage.

If your footwear gets over soaked, you must let them dry in the shadow (best at interiors).

Use the right shoe size! If your safety footwear is too tight, it’ll not only be uncomfortable but can also be really harmful for your feet in the long run.

Store your Proxons by using a shoe tree regularly; this will help your boots maintain their shape.  Pro tip: use a shoecover to prevent dust from sticking to your shoes.

*Disclaimer: the wrong use of the footwear won’t be considered as a manufacturing default. We won’t be able to generate any return or exchange in case of product’s misuse