“​​There will never be a second chance to cause a first good impression.”

As a general rule, people only really care about things that will have a direct impact on them. Making a great first impression means accounting for many factors. Appearances alone are enough to coat a rounded impression within the first five seconds of your interaction.

With every new encounter, you are being assessed. First impressions are always being formed, and they are nearly impossible to undo, making these first minutes extremely important. 

Proxon ensures to put 3 statements that will join you in every business journey: style, safety, and versatility. That is why we consider a positive initial trust interaction can be helpful in building a lasting trust relationship. For us, the best option will always be to look smart and protected.

As the old saying goes, you only get one chance. Here are some simple steps to guide you toward making a positive first impression every time:



Your attitude shows through in everything you do. Project an optimistic attitude. Strive to learn and contribute appropriately, maintaining an upbeat manner and a smile. CEO a traditional that combines safety, confidence, and elegance, great detailing that makes you build a confident statement.



Don’t ever feel like you have to be like everyone else. You are your own “call” so stand out. One of the best ways to make a positive impact on someone’s first impression of you is simply by being kind, genuine, and respectful. This approach is simple yet authentic with GRAND: Sophisticated and stunning, a style that won't let you down. Perfect to enhance your personality.




The goal is to look professional and feel professional, your choice of wearing something will be remarkable, that's why trust is one of our values. Shoes are a fitting symbol for the capability to stand up, walk forward, and believe in yourself. 



Act out for your protection. If you work in an industry with potential hazards, you'll probably need to wear steel toe, puncture-resistant, slip-resistant shoes while on the job. As for know, its a must to stay safe while looking unbelievable, making an impact on others. As in life, protection comes in many ways, as a thought and then as a choice. 

A good first impression with confidence sets the tone for what you represent and has the power to achieve.

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