There is a message out there,
we all have it in our mindset: “humankind can make anything”.

Nowadays innovation is part of our guts.

As we share the desire to being someone, we at Proxon are convinced that your choice of wearing something to make an impact will come as a core idea. We together aim to make a change, to be that someone who does things that need to be done and accomplished.

Handcrafted in Mexico

Proxon leans on the power of handcrafted comfort, it projects a sense of toughness and style; it is not only prepared for all conditions but will look fine through it all.

In every industry, every field, or every public space we need to be able to communicate our message: we are here to get the job done. The progress depends on the commitment to have, build and construct a solid adventure.

Under every man taking valuable steps, there are great shoes, treasured footwear that make them move forward. Where others find boundaries that challenge success we see nothing but improvement opportunities.

Proxon will be their best companion along this way, enabling them to take risks, preparing them for every imaginable adversity.

Goodyear Welt

It represents style, security, and performance by preserving a high-quality, authentic product made with the finest materials. As an audacious footwear brand, Proxon will deliver overachievers withstood driven footwear that will walk through countless authentic and memorable experiences.

Proxon is more than just a pair of shoes, they are built to honor that style and determination come together. Every pair is crafted with relentless quality and maintenance. They include a steel toe, making it the most resistant shoe in its category, it is safe and reliable, grating any adventure.

Steel Toe shoes

As great dressers and better hard workers, together we integrate solutions for bold members. The beauty of Proxon resides in the fact that you can dress them up or down. They’re sharp enough to wear with a suit and rugged enough to pair with jeans or work clothes.

Be ready to wear a combination of class and versatility.
Designed to keep you protected in any environment, wear them everywhere.

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