“What protects you, protects everyone”
From the beginning, we reimagined a smarter way to approach workwear, one that leverages modern-day technologies. We’ve pioneered a new way of making safety shoes that allow great workers to be protected and manage great style simultaneously. 
We have established values that we consider couldn’t build this great brand, our objective more than a place to go is a pillar that lifts us to guarantee the creation of products that protect the best workers. The style then accompanies it, being this the best ally. Therefore, while you wear your Proxons you will be protected from everything and see yourself as the executive that you are.
Our system enables us to deliver premium quality products with an exceptional design. But for protection, you just don't have a choice. If you work in an industry with potential hazards, you'll probably need to wear a steel toe while on the job.
As in life, protection comes in many ways, every day is a battle. And, we put everything we've got into helping you fight back. We remain committed to PROTECT this generation, by teaching them how to work with the next. Because we believe we can help build a better future for everyone. 
Committed to the protection
Bound by shared values, with a focus on inspiring and diversifying the next generation of workers and leaders, as a responsible brand, security and protection are also reflected in social causes. Committed to the protection of your feet at the time of work, in Proxon we also look for the well-being and of course the protection of all the people who help us overcome everyday challenges.

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